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List of Gba games roms isos download

List of Gba games roms isos download

Super Mario Advance gba rom iso download

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ATV - Quad Power Racing gba rom download

ATV – Quad Power Racing gba rom download

ATV - Quad Power Racing gba rom download

ATV – Quad Power Racing gba rom download

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Game info:

The PlayStation has a few software gaps waiting to be filled. With over 1000 games available, it has all four versions of Bust-A-Move for a game Teletubbies. While dirt bike riders are really nothing new, Acclaim has decided to forgo the usual two-wheeled journey towards groped to tap into what he has to see how the cash-ready four-wheel market. Children who live in the sticks or quad runners professionals might find the game inviting at first, but ATV: Quad Power Racing is really just another way of niche PlayStation missing the target.

ATV: Quad Power Racing has four modes: Championship, Single Race, Time Attack, and two players. Championship mode has both professional and amateur circuits where you race against five other quad vying for first place. It starts with the choice of tournament modes, one of six drivers available and one of the two quads available and then choose one of three tracks to race on. The only difference between the amateur circuit and the circuit is pro links located throughout the tracks – have embarked on amateur competitions and open the professional circuit. The stereotypical forest, snow, desert and surrounding areas are here, but any type of indoor tracks have been omitted. If you complete a song in the first place, you can move on to the next version of the song. Two quad bikes are available out of the box and four other bikes can be unlocked when you do well in championship mode. A secret “super quad” is available once you conquer the professional circuit. Each quad has its own unique characteristics for acceleration, suspension, and the maximum speed, and you can really feel the difference in capacity of each motion, in particular the management.

The single-race allows you to take a ride on one of the unlocked tracks, while the attack time allows you to compete for the shortest time possible. Both modes make the learning process of the songs a little ‘easier. The two-player mode is probably the most fun you’ll have with ATV: Quad Power Racing. Here, the frame rate remain more solid time, and the tracks are long enough to be able to stay in the race, despite several wrecks.

The tracks are very long – we’re talking about bust-out-the-eye drops long. By the time you do on the third lap, you’re tired of squinting to see where the next song and even more saddened by sitting on pins and needles, fear of making a mistake that will cost you the race. The steering is fine, but simply touching the brakes will slow down so much that almost guarantees that someone else spray early to eat dirt. The Powerslide is not very helpful because it also slows down your bike too. You are faced with the challenge of keeping the throttle fully open while bouncing on hilly terrain curves – almost impossible. There is also a glitch where physical strange bumping into motion before you send the contest sprint forward while you choose the clots of dirt on your glasses. Other times, running into someone from behind you and your bike sends inexplicably rocketing 100 feet in the air. This is especially frustrating considering ATVs are wide enough to occupy more than half of the width of the track.

Even more frustrating is that the AI is too daunting – even on the track before. You can cruise along without a single collision or miscue for a round or two, but the second one even so much as turn a bit ‘off-road, you can guarantee that you will be passed by at least two pilots. This is particularly frustrating in the early stages of the game when you’re just trying to get used to the controls of the game. There are links on each track, and once you learn to use them, things get a little ‘easier, but the payoff of a limited super-quad does not justify the difficulties that you have completed the game.

ATV: Quad Power Racing will not win the best-graphics awards. There are only three composition sets used throughout the entire game, and the changes for each track are planned only on the track. There are monumental structures to serve as a reminder of the soil in which it is crucial, in order to be successful in the game you need to store each of the four variations of the nearly identical tracks – a difficult task. Texture seams are evident, especially on the runway of snow and get close to any of the objects that are out of the way will make the most of the graphics purists grimace because of their surreal pixels. When the riders in front of you go over the top of a hill, you can see through the ground down the other side. This actually helps you prepare for the next round, but realism takes a serious hit. The pilots also seem way too thin relative to the quad, and real-time damage the four wheels are required to take is barely noticeable, if at all.

On the positive side, the frame rate can remain fairly constant, even with five other riders on the screen, and the riders and the bikes react with precision to land as Acclaim has done a good job with the physics engine. Considering how fast you have to go just to stay in the race, it’s annoying that each shock has a tendency to send off the course. There is very little texture warping or flicker, and the tie-in is not too offensive. Some weather effects such as rain adequate are thrown in to spruce things up, and the pilot sometimes taunt the competition as well.

The rock guitar loop is not too intrusive at first, but after long periods of play, most or you want to lower or turn off altogether. The sound effects are far too low when mixed with music, and when you finally hear the shrieks of motion, sound more like souped-up garden-Boys demons of dirt anyway. There is also an annoying glitch where the game stops for a moment, while the music tracks start.

While there may be some ATV enthusiasts out there who never get enough of ATV: Quad Power Racing to ensure a home, those who are just a little ‘in the sport will be disappointed by the repetitive graphics of the game, the steep learning curve, and the general lack of variety and fun.


Download ATV – Quad Power Racing gba rom download

ATV - Quad Power Racing gba rom download

Atomic Betty gba rom download

Atomic Betty gba rom download

Atomic Betty gba rom download

Atomic Betty gba rom download

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Game info:

Betty has a lot more to handle than most little girls. To his friends and family, which is the average girl next door, but when the galaxy’s called, it becomes Atomic Betty, Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos. With the help of his trusted aides, Sparky and X-5, Betty must save the galaxy from the evil Maximus IQ, while at the same time save his reputation on Earth from the scheming of his rival, Penelope.

Based on the cartoon series, Atomic Betty has three characters control scheme in action-packed missions and puzzles, allowing players to enjoy all their favorite characters at once, using their individual skills to save ‘universe. Atomic Betty five playable characters, rocket travel, gadgets and weapons selectable fast and bring the story to life cartoon hit.

Based on the animated television series, Atomic Betty for Game Boy Advance is a side-scrolling platform game that was the intergalactic pre-teen and her friends against Maximus IQ and his associates evil. Playable characters including Betty, Sparky, X-5, Noah and Paloma, each with different special abilities. Players can choose three people who they think will be most suitable for a particular mission, and then switch between them on the fly while playing through the level.


Help Betty stop evil Maximus the conquest of the galaxy

Features characters Betty, Sparky, X-5, Maximus Minimus, Noah, Paloma, and Purrsy

Control up to three characters at the same time to take advantage of their special powers

Pilot Hyper-Galactic Star Cruiser and blast asteroids and aliens

Use gadgets like the grappling hook and jetpack to save the day


Download Atomic Betty gba rom download

Atomic Betty gba rom download

Atlantis - the Lost Empire gba rom download

Atlantis – the Lost Empire gba rom download

Atlantis - the Lost Empire gba rom download

Atlantis – the Lost Empire gba rom download

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Game info:

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a first-person shooter that follows the lives of these soon-to-be released Disney animated films, and throws you as Milo Thatch, a young adventurer who is involved in a turn-of-the-century shipping to find the sunken city of Atlantis. The game begins aboard submarines your shipment, Ulysses, and then pass on to other key areas of the film, including the underwater caverns, the bowels of a volcano, and the ruins of Atlantis itself. In total, Atlantis has 22 single-player levels – none of which will take you more than five minutes. As the levels unusually small enough to keep the pace of the game lively, you will find that it takes about two hours of playing time random to complete the entire game. Unfortunately, the game has little to keep you interested once you’ve finished the first time.

The environments are colorful, but not very detailed.

It does not take long to complete Atlantis, or to get frustrated with it. The game seems to assume that you’ve already seen the movie (which is odd, considering the game was released before the movie), since a myriad of characters – both good and evil – speak with your character above the His radio without any previous introduction. During a particularly confusing sequence in the game, five different characters will radio you, some of them only talk nonsense about, in a span of one minute. There is also nothing to precede the situations that occur in the game – the scenes between each mission they just pan around the level you are going to get – and as a result, the plot of the game quickly becomes confusing. For example, during the first half of Atlantis, is steadily radio notes from one of your partners shipment, but halfway through the game, it is supposed to meet a girl of Atlantis, which becomes the main radio contact. However, the game makes no attempt to inform you of that meeting – in a single layer, and ‘non-existent, and the next, and’ your new partner. In light of all this, you’ll soon learn to ignore all radio messages and complete each level targets simply too alone.

Despite the confusing nature of the plot, Atlantis sounds like a simple, ordinary first-person shooter. You’re given the ability to customize the controls, although there is little need to do anything other than shoot, move and jump. The game has eight arms, or, more precisely, “tools” that you will find during the single-player campaign, although rarely will use nothing but your main tool, which is a slow cooking a beam weapon of some sort. The first-person perspective does not show the object that have equipped, so the only way to tell what you are using is through the interface clumsy Atlantis’, which is nothing more than a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Most of the real estate of the toolbar is occupied by two rows of 10 colored lights. The top line represents health, and the bottom is your ammunition – but does not give an indication of exactly quantify your reserves.

Atlantis has other issues. Its graphics look dated, and while some of the layers to use bright colors, for the most part all the rooms are deaf and dumb. This is unfortunate, considering the game uses the LithTech robust 3D graphics engine, which has been recently described in impressive shooter No One Lives Forever. Unlike that game, levels and characters in Atlantis are made with very few polygons and textures are all small and simple. It ‘a shooter, but there’s no real violence in Atlantis – enemies that seem to shoot just teleport away. Atlantis can hardly capture the look and feel of a stylized cartoon world – similar to a game like Rayman 2 – but in the end, is shorter.

Not take long to see every corner of Atlantis.

The game offers a variety of multiplayer modes, including “capture the crystal,” but it will be difficult to find all the players on the server scarce assets that are actually online. For what it’s worth, the navigation of these servers is certainly not easy, thanks to the inclusion of the game program GameSpy. Another redeeming aspect of Atlantis is the inclusion of vehicles that you can control. There are only two levels in which this is possible, but these sequences do not break the otherwise monotonous gameplay of the rest of Atlantis.

While the fact that Disney Interactive has created a first-person shooter might seem surprising, the fact that it is not very good, can not be. Atlantis has most of the conventions that are in a typical shooter – bombing, mouse-look, a variety of weapons and various multiplayer options – but its lack of a coherent plot, the depth of the game, or overall quality also avoid that it is worth it.


Download Atlantis – the Lost Empire gba rom download

Atlantis - the Lost Empire gba rom download

Atari Anniversary Advance gba rom download

Atari Anniversary Advance gba rom download

Atari Anniversary Advance gba rom download

Atari Anniversary Advance gba rom download

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Game info:

It ‘an excellent addition to the library of every player interested in classic games.

Following in the footsteps of other collections Retro Game Boy Advance as Namco Museum and Konami Collector’s Series: Arcade Advanced, Infogrames’ Atari Anniversary Advanced is a pack of arcade hits of the past. This game features six of the most famous arcade games Atari – Tempest, Centipede, Battlezone, Asteroids, Super Breakout, Missile Command, and – and they are all, for the most part, faithfully reproduced on the small screen of the GBA.

The most obvious difference is that the three vector games of the bunch, Tempest, Battlezone and Asteroids are designed with the pixels, however, as the original versions of those games and hardware used a special monitor in the gallery. With this in mind, the developer, Digital Eclipse, has successfully translated these games for the Game Boy Advance, ensuring that your little ship in Asteroids is visible. In addition, Tempest is also playable in portrait mode, which reproduces the original aspect ratio of the game. At present, every game retains the classic style of its arcade counterpart in terms of graphics and sound, even though the games seem to play a little ‘faster than the original. Although it would have been nice to have seen some additional features such as a multiplayer option in Battlezone, there simply are not many bad things that can be said of this collection.

Ultimately, this is a solid collection of games that are still just as playable as they were when they were released many years ago, and is an excellent addition to the library of every player interested in classic games.


Download Atari Anniversary Advance gba rom download

Atari Anniversary Advance gba rom download

Astro Boy - Omega Factor gba rom download

Astro Boy – Omega Factor gba rom download

Astro Boy - Omega Factor gba rom download

Astro Boy – Omega Factor gba rom download

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Game info:

Everyone, regardless of age, simply must own and play Astro Boy: Omega Factor – because it is one of the best action games on the Game Boy Advance. Sega has worked with Treasury, the development house responsible for the same shots cult of the past as Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy, and Ikaruga to create what is essentially a celebration not only of the work of a lifetime Astro Boy creator Osamu Tezuka, but also everything that makes the side-scrolling action genre so timeless and great.

Arm Cannon Astro is visually impressive and punish.

The treasure trove of inspiration influences are unmistakable. Astro can beat opponents with his fists, but many individual waves of enemies in each level to encourage frequent and free his finger laser pyrotechnically beautiful, arm cannon, machine guns and special attacks. The cannon arm, for example, is as high as Astro Boy and covers the entire screen. Best of all, it is sufficient to run a couple of kung fu combos to charge storage Astro special attacks. About half of the game 43 levels have a boss battle, another trademark of the Treasury. Some leaders are giants who are more screens high and attack with a variety of different weapons. Others are smaller, but have more transformations and attack patterns. Just to shake things up a bit ‘, there are stages flying here and there. These stages play like a traditional shoot-’em-up, with Astro dodge lasers and assuming waves of flying robots with his finger laser and special attacks.

Astro has only a handful of attacks, but they are all extremely useful in the right situation. The A and B buttons jumps and basic functions of punch, and you can press the button several times in midair to use Astro rocket boots. Press the UP and B at the same time activate the laser finger, which can shoot through multiple enemies. When you tap twice quickly in the same direction on the directional pad, Astro will perform a dash move that allows him to pass safely through bullets and enemies. This is a move useful for when you are knee deep in angry robot. The L and R buttons Astro activate special attacks – the arm cannon, machine gun and indent EX. The cannon fires a powerful explosion in the arm can handle 30 times the damage of laser finger. The gun machine stops enemies in their tracks for a few seconds, which is nice when you’re in a cramped room and you want to squeak behind a leader. The third and final special attack is the dashboard EX, which adds a powerful punch on the move multihit standard dashboard.

Nowadays, simple action games old are ubiquitous. Are old hat. Heck, are obsolete. Someone from the development team must have realized that, because of the Omega integrates the interaction factor in his character level navigation and power-up procedures. It works like this: Most of the levels have a character is sitting in plain sight or hidden behind something. When it comes to that character, he or she will be another part of the story and allow you to update one of the weapons of Astro. At the same time, some characters provide clues on how to find other characters or simply reveal a previously secret level. To unlock all levels of the game and see the best ending, you should review the levels previously played and understand the proper order in which to talk with certain characters. This type of configuration gives this side-scroller a rather compelling mission that most action games do not have.

The research aspect also goes a long way toward helping the players follow the story and get to know the personality of each of the characters. Sega has been faithful to the original vision of Osamu Tezuka and invented a story that is both a mystery and an allegory for racial schisms in society. The story has many twists and turns, and longtime fans will be pleased to see Tezuka appearances of a number of characters from his other works, particularly Jetter Mars, Ambassador Magma, and Dr. Black Jack. All the many dialogue scenes of the game are designed in the same expressive, colorful manga style that Tezuka used when he designed the original comic.

Omega Factor is a delight for the senses. The levels show a great deal of depth and detail, because there are a lot of things in the city in the background and also because the multiple layers of parallax scrolling line and make it seem as if there was an entire room out there, not only what is in the foreground. Astro and the enemies are richly animated. When you turn arm cannon Astro, the screen will freeze and the arm Astro turns to allow the huge burst to be fired. Faces enemies react with looks of pain when attacking them, and perform small actions, such as pumping their fists or loading their weapons, before making their attacks. Bosses are huge, often dealing with multiple screens, and tend to have multiple attack patterns. The boss of level 2-2 artificial sun continues to grow as the attack, and eventually shoots poisonous tentacles. Epsilon, one of the five finalists, can send a huge blue whale on the screen. Along with the giant boss, Treasure took the whole bag of tricks GBA graphics to keep the screen busy. That includes the day-to-night changes color, fragile objects in the foreground, the use of transparencies for the flame and laser effects and economies of scale that allow you to meet the giant or miniature versions of normal enemies. Surprisingly, there is only a slowdown here and there.

The music and sound effects show the same level of variety and quality. Are there any digitized voice and dozens of sounds of different weapons, and each level has its own unique musical theme. Fans of Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier, two Sega Genesis games that Treasure developed, will recognize the music from these games for a couple of bosses later.

Among the masters of mass and missiles sleet, the screen gets busy fast.

Omega Factor was originally released in Japan six months ago, but the developers have used that time to make many improvements to the English version. Many stadiums have a diverse array of enemies, and previously “empty” levels now have more enemies in them. Some enemies gained additional attacks, including most bosses. Graphically speaking, the number of instances of slowdown has been significantly reduced, the color schemes of some enemies have been modified to make them easier to see, and a health meter head has been added so that players know exactly how much health of a head left. Finally, a third level of difficulty was added and the difficulty level old has been made to render more difficult the English version much less than a child’s play compared to the relatively easy game to Japanese. Such modifications and improvements cause Omega Factor to be much closer to perfection.

All game systems have two or three games that ultimately define the particular kind, they are on that platform. So far, the GBA must-have action games include securities of Super Mario, Metroid and Castlevania series. Now you can add Astro Boy: Omega Factor in this short list. You will need to go through most of the game 43 levels twice in order to find all the characters and unlock the best ending, but also after to achieve a similar goal, this is the kind of game you take it regularly just to play a level and kill time.


Download Astro Boy – Omega Factor gba rom download

Astro Boy - Omega Factor gba rom download